Design for Innovation


Interview with Bob Wandel

Haslett Heating and Cooling was not a new idea, but it was one that people generally didn’t do. “We advised against an all brick building for something a little more interesting,” Bob Wandel told me. They used a method with a tilt up concrete panel to make execute the interesting factor. “See, what you do is pour the slabs and form a panel on the floor then you tilt it up,” Bob said. “The building has a cool 3-D quality.”

1979 Pop Culture Facts

This year in the U.S., sports fans everywhere were so stoked because they were able to keep up with all of their teams in one place: ESPN. They could also pay $200 and get a Sony Walkman to listen to the games or to the radio to find Charlie Daniels Band’s “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” Music was super lethal this year, though, so fans had to be careful, mostly because 11 fans were trampled and killed at The Who concert in Cincinnati. On the safer side, Trivial Pursuit was entertaining the cautious. Meanwhile, historians were thrilled to hear about The Thurber House being placed on the National Register of Historic Places.