Design for Innovation


Interview with Tom Schnell

“Glenmont. Glenmont. Okay. Where do you want to start?” Tom asked.

Glenmont Christian Science Care Facility is a nursing home with the belief that prayer and meditation are the essentials for living comfortably. A lot of the principles from Erie County Care Facility were incorporated into the building of Glenmont, mainly the inclusion of natural light. “We were just trying to make a house out of it,” Tom said. Most nursing facilities consist of double rooms, but this one is uniquely built of single rooms with adjoining bathrooms. The option for solitude was a big influence in the construction “because of the meditation aspect of their religion.”

Light was deliberate to avoid the typical quarters of nursing homes. “As I recall, they called them streets instead of quarters because they’re just spaces where people move from one place to another,” Tom stated. In the center of the facility is a library and a large lounge that serves as a gathering place. “Older people tend to gather by the front door because they want to see who is coming and going and that was true here too.” There are also buildings for staff. “The intent was to make it look like a village. We used brick and people really liked what this building looked like.”

The idea was to take a religion, a set of beliefs based on prayer and study and meditation, and give the client a space to reflect it, to turn their spiritual foundation into architecture. “It’s really a simple story."

1981 Pop Culture Facts

Big year, you guys. Muhammed Ali lost his final match and we all know that when one door closes, another opens. Microsoft gave us MS Dos AND MTV disrupted lives with music in a monumental way by showing music videos, such as “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles.

In politics, Sandra Day O’Connor became Supreme Court Justice, which was huge because she was the first woman to own that role. Politics needed some good press, too, because Ronald Reagan was inaugurated president and then shot and wounded earlier in the year.

July 4 in Columbus was changed forever because of 1981. Red, White, & Boom made Columbus a destination for Independence Day festivities. Thanks, 1981! You really nailed it.