Design for Innovation


Interview with Bob Wandel

“The Schneier Residence. Okay. Lance Schneier was a client of ours previously. We designed his office. You’ll find that a continuing thing with us,” as he drummed his fingers on the table. “We tend to develop close owner/architect/builder relationships.”

The Schneier Residence was a two phase project located in an area of Muirfield Village called The Estates. The first design was based on the idea of the informal family.

The house is designed so that, despite a busy and hectic schedule that is life, they had a place to come back to that enabled togetherness, a place to reconnect and thrive in each environment throughout the home.

The house organized itself so that the only divide in the major rooms (kitchen, den, living room, dining room) was how they were used. The house overlooks the lake and the concept is wide open, allowing for abundant light to invade the house.


1983 Pop Culture Facts

Arnold Schwarzenegger became a citizen this year. Here are the things he probably did to celebrate his citizenship: 

1.    jumped in his brand new Dodge Caravan (introduced this year) and drove out to the theater to watch “Ghostbusters” because it was a huge deal;
2.    bought a Cabbage Patch Kid because they were brand new and contemplated how much they would be worth later;
3.    bought a new sweater from the hip and affordable alternative to Ralph Lauren, J. Crew;
4.    went home to watch the premier of Mama’s Family and any program on the Disney Channel because it made its debut;
5.    moonwalked to the kitchen for a snack (because Michael Jackson taught the world how to moonwalk), sat down and started reading both the Sweet Valley High book series and Stephen King’s Pet Sematary (because he was an avid reader in 1983); 
6.    went to the local school to pledge his support for D.A.R.E.;
7.    did research on Microsoft Word and found out that it was the first program to be formatted on a floppy disk compatible with Apple computers.

He probably worked out too, but only after doing all of these things.