Design for Innovation


Interview with Tim Hawk

“This building is more than four posts and a roof. It has a lot of character,” Tim said of the shelter at Slate Run Metro Park. With a vernacular design and regional materials, the restroom/shelter combo was built to mimic a classic Ohio barn. The shelter was designed to hold up its end of the bargain by being functional and blending in atmospherically. It’s timeless. “You just don’t know if it was built 80 years ago or last year,” Tim spoke of its wear. 

This shelter was the start in developing a shelter outside of the norm. It set a new standard for how a park shelter should and can appeal to the public. The combination of both regional knowledge and research allowed a creative alternative that fit within the walls of the prefabricated shelter’s budget. And it’s beautiful.

“Now hurry up and show me the pictures you’re going to use so I know you’re using the right building,” Tim demanded. 

When I could finally get him to sit back down after juggling fifteen other conversations, he took one glance at my screen, looked away, looked back at the screen, and then at me and said “That is vernacular design. When you think of Ohio rural architecture, you think of that. Right? Isn’t is beautiful?”

1993 Pop Culture Facts

Groundhog Day premiered this year, so that’s really great, but mostly I just feel really badly for the Bayside gang from Saved by the Bell because the year they graduated high school is the year Bill Nye the Science Guy started teaching the kids science and how to have fun doing it. And also how to look good in a bow tie. I just feel like Zack Morris could have really benefitted from a little Bill Nye knowledge and Screech would have had a job at his lab. You know? 1993 is also sad because Cheers aired its last episode and that show molded the idea of how a person should feel walking into a bar: where everybody knows your name. All bars that were developed after this show pale in comparison. Instead of going to a bar, everybody stayed home and drank milk because the “Got Milk?” ads started printing this year. The good news is that Jurassic Park premiered showing us all that dinosaurs are to be feared and respected because they were majestic creatures. RIP dinos. Sleepless in Seattle also premiered. Groundhog Day premiered this year, so that’s really great, but mostly I just feel really badly for the Bayside gang.