Design for Innovation


Interview with Tim Hawk

The foundation of 4200 Surface Road came from Governor Voinovich’s DAS Initiative to make local government more accessible. DAS (Department of Administrative Services) was located downtown and in charge of all of the overhead functions of the state. Because some of those functions included quite of a bit of interaction with the general public, including interactions with people who were not generally considered “downtown people.” An old manufacturing space was acquired on the west side of the city where those departments would relocate. 

4200 Surface Road was an open concept workplace. The employees went from a cubicle in a standard office building to an open environment in a manufacturing warehouse, which was completely unusual at the time. There were some bold moves added into the concept to address circulation, such as an L-shaped wall to separate the loudness of meetings and the office space. Colors and textures were used on the floor and on the walls. Light shafts were added to the space to allow natural light to leak through. The client was concerned about acoustics, so acoustical panels were added which allowed for further design within the standard function of concealing sounds.

“Why were they so concerned with that?” I asked Tim.

“Like, right now we’re sitting here and I can hear Frank yacking in the back. They didn’t like that when they were going over financial information,” he clarified.

This project won an award for the interior renovation. “I remember sitting at the design awards gala and when it was announced we won, everybody was looking around, thinking ‘how did this project win?’ because at that time, the award was accustomed to big buildings and we won with an interior renovation project,” Tim laughed and covered his eyes. “Okay, stop recording me now.”

1995 Pop Culture Facts

As if! Clueless made its way into the world, defining and bridging the gap between being popular and having wit. And finally, Buzz Lightyear was to the rescue. Toy Story came out this year too. Phew! Hope someone got that snake out of Woody’s boot. Speaking of snakes, Jumanji was also released and I don’t know about you, but I was afraid to roll dice for fear of gators slithering out of the closet. You know? Ebay made its debut just in time for beanie babies to be resold after those nutty women stood in line to buy them brand new for too much money. I’d even guess some jelly sandals were resold on Ebay too. Or bought. Babe, the movie about the pig, was released. “That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.” And last, but definitely not least, we said goodbye to Uncle Jesse and the fam. It was a good run. But, you guys, we’ll be seeing a few of the cast soon on the reunion show about Deej and pesky Kimmy Gibbler living together and raising their munchkins. Here’s to hoping Jesse and the Rippers hit The Smash Club for a reunion performance.