Design for Innovation


Interview with Tim Hawk

“Did you know Columbus was on the edge of a prairie?” Tim asked me. “I didn’t either until I did this project. It wasn’t like a forest in Southeastern Ohio, but there were oak trees in it.” Metro Parks purchased a parcel of land with the intent to restore the prairie just west of the Big Darby. 

When entering the park, there is restored prairie grasses and lines of oak trees. Two shelters were created, one with the view of the woods and one with the view of the prairie. The design consisted of huge oak trunks delivered from Denver for structural recognition. One of the shelters has a raised stage so it could be used for an educational purpose.

This project won an AIA Columbus Sustainability Award. As well as the shelters, a restroom shelter house was constructed. In the basement of this small building there’s a tank for individual waste. Specifically, it’s called a Clivus Multrum self-composting waste system. 

“What happens is the individual goes potty and the waste goes through a hole in the floor into a tank with a huge paddle in it. Periodically, the park ranger places bio ages into it and it composts, meaning it decomposes. It basically goes away. At the end of the month, there’s a shovel full of soil that comes out and it goes to the river bed. There’s also a sprinkler system inside. It smells fine too,” Tim explained so eloquently.

2001 Pop Culture Facts

I feel like when 2001 is mentioned, we all remember one big thing. I’m going to not mention that one big thing because I don’t know how to tie it (something so horrifying and devastating) into this portion of the post. So… that being said, anyone need an iPod? Apple released the first iPod in 2001. I bet Shrek had one. If you wondered about anything, you could hop on Wikipedia for some mostly true, but questionable, information because it was born this year. Last, but not least, RIP Baywatch and Dale Earnhardt.