Design for Innovation


Interview with Tim Hawk

Buggyworks is about authentic loft living. There aren’t doors or walls defining space except for the restroom. The hardest part about this project was convincing the client that this was a desirable idea. “If you ask real estate people, they’ll say people aren’t interested in a place like this because there aren’t defined rooms. We had to get past that. And we did, so these are true lofts,” Tim said.

The original use of the building was for manufacturing buggies. Columbus was one of the largest buggy manufacturers in America before cars. “Buggies were things pulled by a horse and this was where they were made,” Tim joked. Over time, new owners modified it and added structures, so in designing the lofts, an urban intervention took place. A demo of those modified structures allowed for Firestone Alley. The original company in charge of buggy manufacturing was called Firestone. Since then, of course, they altered their market to tires.

“So, what’s the number one issue you have when you live in an apartment?” Tim asked.

“Neighbors who smoke and beat on the walls,” Geoff piped in.

“Yea, neighbors, so we added a cavity above the floor for cabeling and electricity and when you walk, the neighbors can’t hear it,” Tim explained. Studs in the wall were off-set and doubly insulated as well. The number one issue of apartment was addressed.

“Pretty cool, huh? If you have a billion dollars, you could live there.”

2002 Pop Culture Facts

2002 was the year music really took off. Avril came charging out into the music scene with “Sk8r Boi.” Nickelback released their first of many classics, “How You Remind Me.” American Idol began, giving us a wide variety of instant stars, introducing Kelly Clarkson. On TV Ellen Degeneres’ first show was canceled after a year, but that’s okay because look at her now. Right?! And, like, The Wild Thornberry’s aired for the first time and I won’t speak for all the hippies/nomads/vagabonds, but it really made (still makes me) want to be a world travelor with my family of gingers. The Bachelor also made its way into our hearts. What a godsend. My Big Fat Greek Wedding hit theaters and the famous upside down kiss Spiderman grossed (out) pretty high in the polls. See what I did there? Kissing. Gross.