Design for Innovation


Interview with Tim Hawk

“Okay. You’re here. What are we talking about?” Tim asked me after having a lengthy discussion with Tom about the definition of a hashtag. I wish I could repeat it.

“Elson Hall.” 

“Hashtag, bringing a campus into the 21st Century,” he laughed. We know this statement to look like this: #bringingacampusintothe21stcentury.

Elson Hall is on Ohio University’s branch campus in Zanesville, Ohio. The campus was built in the 60s during a movement to expand the education track so it was more convenient to access higher education in smaller towns. It was originally intended to be a pit stop, the beginning phase of an individual’s higher education and not the entirety of it. Somewhere along the line, there was a shift in that idea. It became more pragmatic to live and work while attaining a degree. This was the reason for the Elson Hall renovation: to make it a more relevant experience.

Elson Hall’s renovation was done in four distinct projects. The first was an auditorium renovation. The second, and probably most influencial, was the egg: the special space in the center where a computer lab, a classroom for the arts, and break areas were housed. This space was transparent with special steel angles, giving an exposed and unique experience in an area that hadn’t had that before. Harold Hall, the library, was Elson Hall’s neighbor. The next project was connecting the two buildings and adding a canopy for educators to extend their classroom to the outdoors. Multiple classrooms were added to diversify the experience and offer different methods of teaching appropriately based on the subject matter.

“We found by working on this campus that there’s a really great attitude toward construction in Eastern Ohio. They had respect for each other there,” Tim said. “It’s really rewarding because you know you’re reaching kids who might be economically challenged and wouldn’t have had another shot if it weren’t for this place. That campus is a huge ray of sunshine in that area.”

2003 Pop Culture Facts

This is the year we said goodbye to Dawson and the gang. Bittersweet. But in that loss, we gained so much. Wisdom, yes, of course, but also iTunes was released so we could buy R. Kelly’s “Ignition(Remix).” We learned what unconditional love looked like when Nemo’s dad searched the entire ocean to find him before he got killed by the dentist’s kid. We also learned unconditional love from Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson on their reality show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. I’m mostly kidding. Also, Arnold was elected Governor of California, so that’s something.