Design for Innovation


Interview with Todd Boyer

“Hey, don’t chew on my shoelaces, you little rascal,” Todd said to little Loretta, my puppy. “Okay, Brasee Hall is a wonderful, little gem of a project.”

Brasee Hall is on Ohio University’s Lancaster campus where the transition toward a new, collaborative approach was apparent. Brasee is one building on the campus which housed the library. Once renovated, the library was split to two levels. The first floor’s intention was to be an open, collaborative space where students could socialize between classes or utilize one of the computers quickly. The second floor was designed to accommodate quiet areas and the stacks. This direction came from student circumstance: the population on a regional branch campus was mostly local. Before this renovation, students would go home between classes; this area gave them an opportunity to take full advantage of the college experience.

“Okay. Why was it an important project?” I asked Todd.

“Oh, this is where you want a Hawk answer, right?” he joked.

“Nope. Give me a Todd answer.”

“It was as cool as it gets,” he said and then made the motion like he was mic dropping. He said this project was one of our earlier projects with a focus on embracing collaboration and technology.” Todd said he gave a lot of support to the client to provide program and direction. “We had a bigger role in this project than we normally had on academic projects because it was regional. We gave user group workshops and presentations to donors and a lot of interfacing to get the outcome the client wanted,” he said. “You could say something about how my project was the pinnacle of our academic work,” he joked. Mostly joked.

2007 Pop Culture Facts

“Paulie Bleeker is boss. He is the cheese to my macaroni,” Juno said of her baby daddy. I mention this because Juno was released in 2007 and so was Knocked Up. The year of accidents. Whoops! Speaking of… Miss South Carolina is outraged because “some people out there in our great nation don’t have maps” and also because people in “The Iraq” should have access to a proper education. Such as. She has a real point there. Miss South Carolina 2007 for President! On the stalker front, Google Street View was introduced and your crazy ex could find out if your car was where you said it was. Dropbox and the first iPhone were released too. Thanks, Universe!