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Interview with Tim Hawk

“We learned that you shouldn’t fight a building that exists; you should evaluate the building and try to learn from it to help bring clarity,” Tim said of working on Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.
Upper Arlington in the 1950s, when the church was designed and built, was solely residential. “You had the city and then this beautiful bedroom suburb with winding streets and country side. It was about creating a place for families,” Tim said. The Lutherans wanted to put a church in the middle of that, but Upper Arlington disagreed with that idea. The disagreement went all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court where the judge sided with the Lutherans. Deed restrictions were negotiated so the church didn’t disrupt the residential atmosphere of the neighborhood. 

The renovation program boldly suggested a new sanctuary should be added because the T-shaped sanctuary already present was ineffective and split up the congregation during worship. The new sanctuary would allow for three benefits to the church: 

1.    It would be more evangelical, as in, it would connect to the community because it would be closer to the street.
2.    It would be more welcoming because it would give the community a chance to see the church activity.
3.    It would allow for the church to continue worshiping within the walls of the church while the addition was built. It would create balance during construction.

The pastor had an attitude of “If you build it, they will come,” and they did. “He had a vision that we enforced and, in fact, Kirsten now goes there,” Tim said. “The church feels whole. It was a difficult project in all of its complexities, but it was equally rewarding in it too.”

“Okay, but what’s the funny story I heard about?” I asked Tim after being prompted to.

“Well… okay. I was pretty passionate about wanting it to be done well,” Tim said. “We went up there one day, Frank and I did, and the contractors were putting up the wrong paneling. I wanted a rift cut oak and they were putting up the standard waterfall cut. My opinion was that they needed to do it the way we intended and Frank’s more of a rollover, accommodating to people kind of guy. We were trying to talk it out and he basically told me to go sit down, so I did… at my house. I left him at the church. He had to call and get a ride. Actually, I called my wife and told her I was mad, then she called the office and told them to have someone go get Frank.”

I asked Frank how he felt about being left at Holy Trinity. “Oh, no. This is not how this is going down,” Frank said. Stay tuned. There might be more on this later….

2008 Pop Culture Facts

Such a politically driven year in the U.S. Sons of Anarchy premiered and that Jax and Clay battle was like a republican debate. Meanwhile Heisenberg is keeping busy manufacturing his chemically flawless meth on Breaking Bad. Michael Phelps was busy breaking Olympic swimming records, and Carrie Bradshaw was busy getting wifed to the elusive Big in Sex and the City and Bella Swan was busy with Edward Cullen in the first Twilight movie. Pssssht! Come on, girl. Dude’s a vamp! Brennen and Dale were doing so many activities, like karate in the garage in Step Brothers. Everyone was just so busy. Too bad they couldn’t be more like Sarah Palin. Or Tina Fey? Who can really tell the difference? Oh also, POTUS was up for grabs. Throw your hands in the air for Obama!