Design for Innovation


Interview with Frank Weaver

“Okay, so tell me about this project,” Frank said in a high pitched tone mocking me and my interview questions then he looked at me. “Hey, I’ve been through a few of these sessions. Ain’t my first rodeo.”

Frank got a call at 10 am. By 10:30 he and Nate were meeting with Lululemon Athletica about a distribution center in Groveport, Ohio. They had just renovated their corporate headquarters and were looking for some warehouse space to not match but complement their style. “The challenge,” Frank said, “was that they wanted this all to happen in an old warehouse we weren’t able to get into because of an existing tenant. We didn’t know what was in there, so all we had to go on was an idea.” He also expressed that there was a difficulty in fitting all of their needs to one area of the warehouse while considering natural light. “They wanted a basketball court, a yoga studio, a cool café space, and a really nice locker room with showers. It was a nice surprise.”

Those spaces are all lined up on one side of the building and they’re divided into spaces with portals for circulation from the warehouse. “Not only was there an expression from the inside but also from the outside warehouse space. There’s a portal that leads you to every pod,” Frank said as he dragged his pen through the spaces the doors would be in his drawings.

“Did you hear my funny Lululemon story yet?” Frank asked me.

He told me that he honestly didn’t really know what the company did. He knew his daughter had some headbands with their logo, but he wanted to check it out. Market research. He was around Easton playing basketball on a Sunday and wanted to stop in to the store. He was all excited because he got a parking spot right in front of the store and got out to start walking in. The door was locked, but he could see people through the door. “I peeked in there and there were a ton of women doing yoga, so then they were probably like ‘Who’s the perv trying to break down the door?’ but you have to dress this up a little.” 

2013 Pop Culture Facts

Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! That’s the answer to the question everyone was asking in 2013, “What does the fox say?” They had to be preoccupied with something because 30 Rock aired its last episode and that’s just depressing, but House of Cards and Orange is the New Black premiered on Netflix, so there were at least two weekends this year where pizza deliveries skyrocketed and restaurants should have closed their doors. The other days were probably filled with watching and rewatching Sharknado and doing the Harlem Shake. (WHY THOUGH?!) No really. Why do the Harlem Shake when Miley showed us how to twerk? Kidding. Mostly kidding. Gravity came out in the theater and I don’t even know what to say about that.