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2019 iBELIEVE Gala Collage.jpg

8th Annual iBELIEVE Benefit Gala

March 8th, 2019 @ WSA Studio

The iBELIEVE Foundation is one of WSA Studio’s favorite non-profit organizations. Based in Columbus, Ohio, the organization provides personal and professional development opportunities for K-12 students across the Appalachian region. It holds a special place in our hearts, since our President and many of our staff are from Appalachia.

For the fifth year, the studio got all dressed up to attend the Annual Benefit Gala. Our table was conveniently located near the celebratory champagne stand. The evening consisted of eating good food, dancing to good bluegrass, and, as usual, lots of laughter. Oh, and raising $32,000 for the organization.

Several young alumni of the Foundation shared their stories with the crowd, standing on stage as a testimony to the confidence gained through their experiences. Hearing these stories reminded us why we support the mission of iBELIEVE.