Design for Innovation




The Africentric Early College experience provides an immersion experience for students interested in engaging in an African-focused educational model. Student activities, educational philosophy, social interaction and athletic engagement are rooted in a deeply “tribal” experience. The school design strives to achieve the sense of an African village through breaking each educational level into its own unique enclave and centralizing spaces which promote discourse and community. Sustainable design is a strong focus of this project and the team is administering USGBC LEED Silver registration as part of the process. WSA Studio is the design associate on the project, working in association with HKI Associates, Inc. and OAS Architects and Planners.


The new 163,000 SF Africentric Early College K-12 school building was opened and occupied in January of 2017. The students and facility of this new facility find it to be a refreshing space that reinforces the goals of Africentric while focusing on the learning environments where the community is a key piece in driving educational outcomes. The staff also finds the facility to be very flexible in terms of public space, where a wide variety of activities, during and after schools hours, can utilize that space.


Year Completed: 2017
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Client: Columbus
Square Footage: 163,000 SF
Architect of Record: HKI Associates
Design Associates: WSA Studio, OAS Architects and Planners
Consultants: Dynamix Engineering, SMBH, EMH&T, Edsall & Associates, Joby Smith Food Service, iDesign, Lawhon & Associate
Construction Manager: Smoot Elford Resources