Design for Innovation

Happy 46th Birthday, WSA Studio! To celebrate 46 great, wonderful, expansive, familial years, we’re doing a quick rundown of this past year. It was a good one full of really hard work, a lot of witty relationships, and exquisite project outcomes. Thanks for this last year. Thanks for the last 46. Here’s to 46 more.

annual rundown-web.jpg

JANUARY 2016: #WSAWorkplaceWednesdays is 2016’s marketing initiative to get our best workplace designs out to social media. We’ve featured spaces such as Motorists’ Insurance’s Business Innovation Center, The Forge in Des Moines, Miranova Lobby, and many more. Go check it out on Instagram.

FEBRUARY 2016: The Forge in Des Moines is one of our favorite and most used designs in 2016. It marks our first design in Iowa and our third Forge location nationwide.

APRIL 2016: The PAST Foundation’s Gala was a big night for us to see our design being used and packed full of people. What a way to commemorate a foundation that connects real world scientific research to teaching and learning.

JULY 2016: We were thrilled to be at the opening of Emerald Pediatrics. The exterior of the building is designed to meet the functional needs of a vibrant practice while blending with the adjacent context of Dublin, Ohio.

SEPTEMBER 2016: This year’s cornhole tournament raised a lot of money for the iBelieve Foundation. Not only did it raise money towards a great cause, we were able to secure sponsors to help us reach those goals. THANK YOU AGAIN! (For more info on the iBelieve Foundation, click here.)

OCTOBER 2016: It’s been a long time coming. Todd wasn’t sure about being the principal of a firm… especially this firm, but we think he’s happy about his decision. R. Todd Boyer became Principal of WSA Studio. He and Tim are tag teaming it. It’s going well so far.


Every office has a character. WSA Studio has 15 and counting. These are the best superlatives we could come up with. We hope you'll sign our yearbook. 

  • Most likely to wear his lucky tie on pay day: Nate
  • Most likely to leave an ounce of coffee in the pot for the next person: Geoff
  • Most likely to blame conflict on generational differences: Tim
  • Most likely to participate in “Drive Your Tractor to Work Day”: Todd
  • Most likely to get accepted and attend Hogwarts Graduate School: Nicole

  • Most likely to not say anything all week, then suggest a happy hour: Phil

  • Most likely to work late and still be home by 4: Frank

  • Most likely to have a trash can full of Nature Valley granola bar wrappers: Troy

  • Most likely to have a different water bottle for every day of the week: Connor

  • Most likely to spend her birthday money on her dog: Amber 

  • Most likely to name his child after a Cleveland Indians player or a deep sea fish: Scotty

  • Most likely to categorize her samples by “Blue” and “Stuff We’re Not Using”: Kirsten

  • Most likely to nap after lunch: Brian

  • Most likely to vote Wendy’s chili as the winner in the chili cook-off: Tom

  • Most likely to bark her worst and most vicious bark at the mail man: Loretta