Design for Innovation


29 January 2018 - Tim Hawk

Over the past few months, we have shared our secrets to the design of space which can drive innovation. It might sound easy to create an innovation center. It’s simple. All you need is to follow these seven steps and your team will have an innovation center.

  1. First, establish a flexible approach, then…
  2. Create cultural identity
  3. Align partners for scale
  4. Mix in market premiums
  5. Access technology
  6. Drive collaboration, and never forget the…
  7. Location, location, location

Well, I wish it was that easy. But it is not. In addition to these ingredients, you need to have some creative skill and years of technical competency to develop a design that can spur innovation. And, it is not a bad idea to have a client team to champion the change.


Organizations can try to implement change in their current space and may make great strides to achieve innovation. But, the physical space can be an impediment to success. We are physical beings, and our surroundings impact our behavior. It is widely known that people will respect a new building more than one that is in disrepair. Humans respond to their physical surroundings, and if that environment discourages innovation, it will be hard to achieve.


We know that the ingredients accelerate the pace of change and spur the true fuel...organization strategic change. The design of new space can bring almost every process into consideration, and often, organizations will consider new business plans to align processes to support innovation. This work is best done in tandem with the design work. During design, business leaders can evaluate effective process. Re-organization may need to occur, there might be a need to consolidate some redundancies, or there could be a physical synergy as the result of co-location. Regardless of the specific outcome, or even the intention, we know that the process of design will modify the way that organizations work.

Design makes an impact. That’s why at WSA Studio, we DESIGN FOR CHANGE.


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