Design for Innovation



This project focused on the renovation of an early campus building. The entire first floor was rehabilitated and the exterior facade was updated to provide better energy efficiency for the building. Upon entry, visitors are immediately greeted with a welcoming information center where human faces provide direct interaction and clarity for the new student. Frasch is the central facility on campus which helps to organize the diverse and transient student body at Franklin and the renovated structure helps to translate the accessible online attitude. The space is now a direct interaction with students and visitors coming to Frasch Hall.



The initial entry point to the campus is now a fresh, welcoming interface for new and existing students. Franklin University has a new “look” which matches the strategic direction of the University. As a point of pride, the student services center at Frasch Hall consolidates activities required to enroll, register, and pay fees. Franklin University is much more accessible to students.


Year Completed: 2012
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Client: Franklin University
Square Footage: 30,000 SF
Consultants: Ioso Design, Point One Design
Construction Manager: CB Richard Ellis