Design for Innovation


May 20th, 2016 @ Jerome Schottenstein Center

When the employees from Appalachia get together, it typically takes shape in a field or a dive bar or a place where people are wearing Wranglers and have straw in their teeth. This was a chance for us transplants to get all dressed up and become presentable in a room filled with people succeeding at making a difference for kids who might not get the same chances we got in terms of education.

Coming from an office with four Appalachian descendants, we were proud to be there supporting the cause. The dinner was great. The company was even better. The young speakers telling their story to a room filled the people rooting for them? That was the reason. The iBelieve Foundation is an organization that raises money to send high school students from Appalachia to leadership camps around Ohio and surrounding areas.

For more information about The iBelieve Foundation, go check out their website at