Design for Innovation


visual transparency

This project establishes a satellite location for the research and development team of an international personal care brand based in Ohio. The organizational goal was to improve the functional relationship between testing, research, and administrative office functions. The project locates these associates adjacent to a product distribution center. The company wanted to extend the office and workplace aesthetic brand standards to this new location, and included typical employee amenities in the program of spaces. The design solution co-locates lab space and administrative office areas with visual transparency between the spaces. A full-service cafe was included in the design, implementing a new concept for customer engagement.

The finished space accommodates the entire research and development team and their functional engagement has improved. Communicating stairs help associates quickly collaborate, and casual settings inserted throughout the space have improved cross-functional engagement. Points of contact among distribution center employees, research personnel, and administrative support have also increased.


Completed: April 2018
Location: New Albany, Ohio
Square Footage: 53,000 SF + 8.5 acre site
Consultants: M Engineering, EMHT, SMBH, Reitano Design Group
General Contractor: Danis Construction
Photography: AJ Brown Imaging