Design for Innovation



We are the proven idea that good design prevails over obstacles. Our founders started this firm because they saw an opportunity to fill a void with their instincts. It’s nearly 50 successful years later and the reason they took an idea and ran with it is the same reason we’re all still here: good design can change the way people experience the world.

At the root of WSA Studio is a group of really good people focused on providing really good design for really good clients. We’re looking for things to make sense, to connect to an environment, to address change and the struggles associated with it at face value and form educated, collaborative solutions based on function, aesthetic, and context.

Our culture is both light and intensely passionate. This is the reason we form such close relationships with our clients. We want to make a difference with and for people who want to do the same. We want to design a space that supports and facilitates the strengths of an innovative, smart client. We want to know we made a difference and gave someone the potential to see something a little differently, a little more creatively. That’s when we’ve done what we set out to do.