Design for Innovation

We are proud to be in our 46th year of architectural practice. The true test of any mission is its ability to endure. Our work stands as a testimony to the values which attract top tier clients and talent to WSA Studio. These ideals influence our approach and are integral to our process.

DESIGN IS DRIVEN BY CONTEXT.  Our role in leading and coordinating the design team is important, but more often, the context of the project will drive design. With each project, a unique set of parameters are presented. There is an existing physical context; there is a budget; there are programmatic goals. We believe that these conditions should drive design, and our creative response elevates the result. 

TAKE THE LONG VIEW.  Our design thinking is far from short sided. We believe that we have a civic responsibility extending beyond the direct result of our work and will consider the long range consequences of design decisions. We do not seek to match the latest design trend; we aim for a timeless design that will endure. 

RESPECT.  We know that the success of any design project begins with respect for all contributors. The architect is important, however we know that collaboration with the client, allied design professionals, builders, and the greater community are key to any project’s greater impact. We begin the process with respect, we engage throughout, and we strive to maintain mutual respect throughout the design process.

PARTICIPATORY DESIGN.  The design of physical space is human-centered, and we know that the best design is born through a participatory process. Each of our Design Managers engage collaborators and encourage input throughout the process. The broader the engagement, the richer the design response.