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Q&A With WSA Interns


This summer, we have welcomed two interns who will be heavily involved on multiple projects. Both Sarah and Jennifer are quick-witted, smart, curious, and most importantly, eager and flexible. We sat down with them to ask a few questions and really get (under their skin) to know them. 


What influenced you to go down the architecture path?

My father is a construction superintendant, so I used to play in the construction trailers and draw my own “blueprints” and I’ve wanted to be an architect since then.


Why are you here today?

I needed a job. It was either here or Target. Just kidding; Target wasn’t hiring. No, to gain insight about our industry, to create new professional relationships, and to learn about innovative practice and processes in local architecture.


What architecture blogs/magazines do you follow?

Mostly, I follow architecture firms on Instagram: WSA, of course, MOS architects, Zaha Hadid, OMA New York, MVRDV, 3XN Architects, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, Gensler, Herzog & DeMeuron, BIG architects, So Arch, Sci-Arch, Knowlton, Architecture Ape, Arch Daily, Archi_students, Arch_CAD, LTL architects, Carney Ranker. Mostly I follow firms that are innovative, creative and relevant today. They inspire me to push myself to the limit and only reign it in when absolutely necessary.


If you had your human body, but the head of an animal, what animal would you pick?

I don’t know, a horse? I don’t really like animals and I like horses.


What is it like to work with the greatest architect of all time, Timothy C. Hawk, FAIA?

You never know what you’re going to get at WSA or with Tim Hawk. Some days are all hands on deck and serious and other days the radio is blasting Journey and Tim is declaring it’s our theme music for next week coming up. Essentially, it’s work, but work is fun.


What influenced you to choose a path of architecture?

I actually started out wanting to be an Interior Designer, but when I toured Kent State, I got to see all the architecture projects, and I was really interested in them. I also just thought architecture would be a good fit for me because (as we know, personality quizzes are liked around here) I am a balanced-brainer (both left and right brain), so I thought architecture would be a good combination of both my artistic side and analytical side.


What architecture blogs/ magazines do you follow and why?

Does Instagram count? I follow Dezeen, K2M Design, ArcDaily, Zaha Hadid Architects, and a bunch of other architecture and design accounts. I follow them on Instagram so that when I’m scrolling through social media I’m forced to give myself a little inspiration for projects and pay attention to what’s going on in the world of architecture. When I do actually go read articles and magazines, it’s usually ArcDaily and Architectural Digest. Sometimes I’ll scroll through ISSUU magazines.


What’s your favorite office machine?

I’ll tell you my least favorite: the telephone.


What trends do you feel are important in Architecture/ Design?

I think open-concept spaces and natural lighting are always going to be very important in design. It’s all about creating a mood for the user, and I think these strategies express a more communicative, light-hearted, and productive environment.


What would you be doing if you didn’t have to work?

Travel. South America.


What is it like to work with the greatest architect of all time, Timothy C. Hawk, FAIA?

I’m happy to be working here with Tim. I like that he jokes around frequently to keep the office awake, and I’m excited to see what this summer brings!