Design for Innovation


WSA has always been somewhat of an adaptive, learning studio and, by default, that makes us a teaching studio. Each summer, we hire two to three interns and, in the past, we've been infinitely lucky. We've had some keepers who come back year after year; some stay a long time. Lookin' at you, Troy.

This summer, we have three men who are as smart and classy as they are fun. The people inside the studio are a reflection of WSA, so we're proud that we selected them but also that they selected us. We all have good taste. Thanks for joining us, Ethan, Jimmy, and Stephen. You're each one of a kind.


The Ohio State University

What influenced you to go down the architecture path?
That's a big question. I wanted to be an animator and I was always creative, so my dad pushed me into architecture because it's more practical. Then I watched the film, The Fountain Head, and one of the main protagonists talked about integrity in buildings and integrity in people and it led me to believe in the romanticism of architecture.

What architecture Magazine/ Instagram accounts do you follow?
Magazine: Dwell
Instagram: @olsonkundig

What’s your favorite office machine?
The plotter has been fun.

If aliens landed on earth tomorrow and offered to take you home with them, would you go?
That is a very hard question. Depends if I would get to come back.


Cornell University

What influenced you to go down the architecture path?
In undergrad, I went into thinking I was going to do music, but then I made friends with a lot of architects. I was two years into my degree when I decided to get my BA in Art History and then my MArch so I wasn't in school for seven years to get a Bachelor's degree. I enjoy a mix of practical solutions and creativity. It's a powerful profession to have because you can use your position to positively change people's lives in ways that last a long time.

What architecture Websites or Instagram accounts do you follow?
Website: ArchDaily
Instagram: @critday

What’s your favorite office machine?
The coffee maker.

You can have any one fictional as your imaginary friend, who do you choose?
Hermoine Granger. (I'd like to point out that there was no hesitation.)


Pratt Institute

What influenced you to go down the architecture path?
When I was a kid, I was always interested in tall buildings, skyscrapers around the world, and ancient wonders. That just stayed with me as I got older. I was always interested in space and how it influences people in society and culture.

What architecture magazines/Instagram accounts do you follow?
Magazine: Architectural Digest
Instagram: @strangedomesticity

What’s your favorite office machine?
The printer; it's so quick.

Which band/artist, dead or alive, would play at your funeral?
Pink Floyd.