Design for Innovation



The Research Business Operations team of The Ohio State University Offi ce of Research is seeking to increase collaboration among its employees currently assigned to the lower level of Bricker Hall. The plan for the physical environment is anchored by four neighborhoods centered around a welcoming entry lobby for visitors. The neighborhoods are unique, seek equivalency, and establish a standard for innovative workplace design. The design features a raw aesthetic, with low exposed concrete pan ceilings, reclaimed wood features, and a focused, transparent environment. Featured wall graphics will communicate and reinforce the vision for research at The Ohio State University. The project is currently on hold for more funding.



With this group representing the University’s four discovery themes; Energy and environment, food production and security, health and wellness, and humanities and the arts, this standard is intended to attract vibrant talent, promote collaboration, and lead to innovation. The design could be extrapolated to inform workplace environments throughout the University as the influence is measured. This distinctive environment, designed to drive collaboration will improve outcomes, prioritize efficacy, and accelerate the pace of impact throughout the University.


Year Completed: Est. 2017
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Client: The Ohio State University
Square Footage: 8,900 SF