Design for Innovation



The architectural idea features a respect for the integrity of the existing historic structure and embraces details, materials and elements of the existing structure. All of the new interventions are strategically designed to be independent from the existing superstructure and complement the natural wood and brick. The result is a rich assemblage of natural, authentic building materials. Additionally, most of the modern technologies are concealed, to maximize the appreciation of the original structure. A plenum was designed to isolate noise transfer from floor to floor and also conveniently accommodate the ventilation, electrical, and technology infrastructure.



This adaptive reuse project has shined some historic light on the newly developed buildings in the Arena District. With high demand to live in these perfectly located condos, they have received more requests from prospective owners than units they have available.

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Year Completed: 2006
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Square Footage: 120,000 SF
Consultants: Prater Engineering, SMBH, EMH&T, MSI Landscape
General Contractor: Contrak Corp.