Design for Innovation

THE FORGE - 711 N High

FORGING the future

The Forge by Pillar Technology will open up a second Columbus Innovation Center atop the Short North's tallest tower at 711 North High later this year. The new space with take up 2 floors in the tower for a total of 24,000 SF and will be 100 percent focused on creativity and learning, both by clients and outside groups to brainstorm projects. The eighth floor is designed for Pillar's consulting and software development business, with teams grouped by function such as autonomous vehicle software. In the corner of the eighth floor will be a more secured space to work with customers on new products. The ninth floor will feature more event spaces, including a full kitchen, while the two floors will be connected by an open, center-piece staircase.


Year Completed: Est. 2018
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Client: Pillar Technology
Square Footage: 24,000 SF