Design for Innovation



The Forge Des Moines is the fourth in a series of research and development centers for Pillar Technology. The space is centrally located to promote collaboration during technology consulting. WSA Studio created a space for Pillar that preserved the historic integrity of the building while maintaining The Forge brand: orange ceilings, a variety of work spaces, and a raw aesthetic. With the awareness of their brand expanding, The Forge has been able to elevate their consulting capacity to a national level with multiple access centers.


This space has solidified Pillar’s place as a leading technology consultant in the heartland. Through the design of this space, Pillar has expanded their relationship with John Deere, which is in Moline, Illinois, a few hours to the east. New accounts are also being added to the Forge by Pillar portfolio. The space offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and has been promoted agile workplace response to the demands of consultants.


Year Completed: 2016
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Client: Pillar Technology
Square Footage: 8,000 SF
Consultants: Modus Engineering
General Contractor: The Hansen Company