Design for Innovation



Motorists occupies a 22-story building on the eastern edge of downtown Columbus. As part of their Vision 2021 program, WSA Studio is leading a five-year facilities improvement project. The Intersection is a business innovation center that establishes a design standard for future projects and features seven distinct work settings. Densely populated work areas are complimented by adjacent collaborative space. Embedded technology is critical to the success of the space.

The third floor houses an entirely different separate company designated to sustain their commercial insurance lines. The Intersection is the true story that Motorists can continue to grow and nurture.


Through the occupancy of The Intersection, Motorists launched a new business line within their organization which is driving business towards commercial accounts. Recently, Motorists acquired a top-tier workers’ compensation insurance company in large part due to the innovative workplace model that has been introduced by The Intersection. Motorists uses the Center as a tool for recruitment and their hit rate on employment offers has improved. Additionally, the space is serving as a model for renovations throughout the home campus and at remote locations.

The overall aesthetic of The Intersection aligns with Vision 2021: a unified, people centric core. The assortment of workstations supports the various occupations habituating the third-floor space. The conference rooms and larger and cross functional. The huddle and conference areas are flexible and can be transformed into mock offices for training agents.


Year Completed: 2017
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Client: Motorists Insurance Group
Square Footage: 17,200 SF
Consultants: KLH Engineering
General Contractor: Shaffer