Design for Innovation



The Quinn is planned to be a residential community in the Grandview area. With micro-units, studio units, and one bedroom units, the facility is catered towards mellenials. The main focus throughout are the amenities available to the occupants. A private pool, outdoor grill stations, a clubhouse lounge, yoga studio, conference rooms, fitness centers, bike repair center, residential rooftop gardens, and many more. This is truely a place to build community.


The Quinn will become a destination spot in the Grandview Heights area. As an up-and-coming part of town for young professionals, The Quinn will be a popular spot due to it’s upscale amenities and multi-unit options. This development will create a sense of community among it’s residents and bring more foot-traffic to the neighboring businesses.

The public gathering spaces from the private pool to the clubhouse lounge to the rooftop gardens will create a desire to meet neighbors and socialize in the area.

Pedestrian-oriented design will be incorporated into the façade of the building along Pico and the community room, and a small green roof is positioned to take advantage of and contribute to the pedestrian nature of the street. This comes from the surrounding area, being a major facility that has grown off of the Grandview Yard campus. 


Year Completed: Est. 2018
Client: 1341 Norton WD, LLC
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Square Footage: 130,000 SF
Consultants: Jezerinac Geers, Prater Engineering, E. P. Ferris & Associates, POD Design
General Contractor: Elford, Inc.