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Our unique process is rooted in deep research. We partner with clients to uncover rich data which allows our design strategists to generate key insights that inform tailored criteria. Those insights are infused into the environment to measurably meet strategic goals and align physical space with organizational values.

We create flexible spaces that anticipate change and drive greater efficiency, engagement, and productivity.



Well designed spaces which reflect the wants, needs, and demands of everyday users have been proven to increase talent attraction, retention, satisfaction, and engagement.

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In today's world the tools for a productive environment are always changing. We work to harness technology, flexibility, and agility within our environments to create the kinds of environments that work today, and tomorrow, which in turn enhances efficiency and productivity.

See How Ohio Mutual Responded To How Employees Want To Work



An environment that works results in not just increased top-line revenue, but improved sustainability, greater impact, and bottom-line profitability.

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We emphasize collaborative research as a way to pinpoint the work or learning environment you’ve always wanted.


Our unparalleled planning expertise and understanding of organizational behavior is what truly sets WSA apart. Our deep understanding of end-user behavior and what motivates teams and enhances collaboration is why and how we can design environments that deliver on every dimension. In-depth planning and research are essential to project success. We'll lead your stakeholders through a multi-faceted research phase that reveals your processes, hierarchy, business objectives, and talent needs.

Brand Identity

Assess User Patterns

User Queries

Brand Translation


Design begins with user engagement and productivity in mind. Our architectural, environmental, and graphic designers begin with the creation of high-level concepts and end with fully detailed construction documentation. We'll guide you through a proven process, so you're fully informed and confident throughout. Final documentation assures a smooth transition to construction, which we then manage through completion. You can stay focused on your mission while we manage the details as your project comes to life.


Environmental Graphics

Construction Documents

Construction Administration


While we’re proud of our award-winning designs, it’s your enhanced performance that is the measure of our success.

We conduct a post-occupancy review to make sure, after you’ve been in your space for a bit that you’re happy with the end product. This reveals any issues encountered and how to resolve them. As for positive results, we measure success the same way you do – enhanced engagement, productivity, and of course, profitability.



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