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An off-site innovation center has a lot of perks, as proven by Cardinal Health's Fuse. Transforming an existing grocery store into an incubator for Cardinal Health's IT professionals, this space has a distinct culture apart from Cardinal Health. At Fuse, both innovation and problem solving are leading the charge.

The Fuse by Cardinal Health is an industry leading technology incubation center located in Dublin, Ohio. The Fuse has enabled Cardinal Health to test and fit work processes in a format that embraces experimentation. Employees of The Fuse work with healthcare providers, patients, and “payers” to find innovative technology solutions. While operating as a satellite campus, the unique environment has incited change into the culture of the entire Cardinal Health organization.

Cardinal Health is the highest-ranked Fortune 500 company in Ohio at number 16. They are the largest employer in the City of Dublin, with more than 4,800 full-time employees, almost three-times the number of the next-biggest employer in the city.


Cardinal Health was seeking a space where their biomedical engineers, designers, and scientists could collaborate with both healthcare providers and the patients themselves to share ideas and create software products to propel Cardinal Health above their competitors. They realized that this desired space needed to be an innovation hub where every staff member, who were spread out among several departments and locations across their corporate campus, could come to the same table to problem-solve, rather than retreating into their cubes and waiting for permission.


The design of the space was inspired by the idea of "coming together." A bold soffit guides employees and visitors to a central hub that encourages social interaction and collaboration. Color application throughout relates to the philosophies of space allocation and employee experience. Operable partitions are utilized to expand or seclude team environments while best support the innovative work processes.

We wanted a space where creativity is the input, and innovation is the output.”

Brent Stutz, CEO


Cardinal Health has seen steady growth since 2013, aided in part by the innovative solutions Fuse and its employees (called ‘Fusers’) have provided for them in that time. Having doubled the number of patients reached annually from 1.5 million in 2014 to 3 million in 2018. They have also increased the number of pharmacies they serve (from 18,000 in 2014 to more than 26,000 in 2018) and as of 2018 have products or services in 85% of U.S. hospitals compared to 2014’s 75%.

One of the most notable software developments to come out of Fuse has been Cardinal Health MedSync Advantage, a medication synchronization program that launched in 2016.

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