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Since 2015, WSA has partnered with State Auto and a design-build team to incrementally improve offices throughout the country. The Columbus campus has been reconfigured to embrace technology and innovative design, leading to positive workplace change throughout the organization. The company is focused on integrating new technologies, improving space efficiency, upgrading building systems, and creating a consistent brand aesthetic across all locations.


To create modern, branded work environments that maximize space efficiency and encourage flexible, collaborative work.


At the Des Moines office, the design team updated the overall aesthetic of the space with new finishes, furniture, and environmental graphics that support the State Auto brand. It features a migration to an open working environment intended to drive collaboration, increase access to technology, and improve employee retention and productivity. The increased space occupancy allows room for growth within the department. With more shared meeting spaces, employees are able to go mobile with their work. A new kitchenette provides a place for casual interpersonal connection and cultural growth.


Since partnering with WSA, State Auto Insurance Companies has rolled out new products and digital platforms that have bolstered its business prospects and annual revenues. In 2018, technology teams introduced the Connect Suite of products to agents and customers in 30 states, offering new personal and commercial lines and enhancing the customer experience. The renovated State Auto workspaces around the country allow employees to work more productively and support the business transition.

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