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The Forge, recently acquired by Accenture, has advanced the brand not only geographically, but into new tech sectors with the infusion of Mindtribe and Altitude. Originating in Columbus, Ohio, The Forge has expanded to Ann Arbor, Chicago, Des Moines, and Palo Alto creating a full service solution for hardware, software, and product development. Watch out for the new Forge.

It's a launchpad for careers. It's a hub for lifelong learning....”

Kim Reynolds, Iowa Governor


Inspired by the growing popularity of co-working spaces, The Forge was created with the concept of a maker space for their Software Artisans and has grown to a full service technology hub. Growth was at the top of The Forge's want list, so the team needed to create a cohesive, flexible brand and design to stay relevant in various contexts. This space needed to not only encourage collaboration and creativity, but also promote this new brand concept.


Like its namesake, The Forge’s brand is centered around metal and warmth. This is manifested in metal signage and orange accents, along with transparent and translucent materials and natural flooring finishes. Each Forge contains spaces that support varying levels of collaboration and stem from a central “innovation pathway” that invites visitors and connects teams throughout the space. Each space offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and serves as an agile workplace in response to the needs of clients.

The Forge brand anchors
itself on experience.

Swipe to see the ways
experience is expressed
in the various spaces.


The Forge has expanded all across the Midwest with big plans for the west coast and beyond. Through these Midwestern hubs, The Forge has added new accounts to their portfolio and secured relationships with new clients. The 2019 opening of their office in Jefferson, Iowa has set a benchmark for bringing tech jobs to new, technology underrepresented areas of the country. It also provides training and professional development opportunities for top students in the area, creating a direct pipeline for talented employees to reach innovative businesses.

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