Design for Innovation



August 22, 2019

Scott is a Design Manager with twelve years of experience in the Architecture & Design industry. His daily inspiration comes from collaborating with clients and involving them in the process of transforming their organizations through design. He advocates for innovative design that drives individual success and engagement, whether it’s for employees at work or students at school.

Besides design, Scott has a surprising array of hobbies that he’s pursued throughout his life, including piloting and scuba diving. When asked what his up-to-bat theme song would be, he said “Hakuna Matata.” With his sense of humor, he’s sometimes known as the office prankster, but most of the time we know him as “the nicest guy in the office.”

You have a pretty unique background, including your pilot certification and a classic car collection. How did you end up in architecture?
”I have explored many different interests, but I’ve always known that I wanted to work in architecture. My lifelong passion for experiencing and surrounding myself with good design has led me to this career. In college I studied a variety of disciplines such as photography, real estate, civil engineering, and piloting, but my mind always went back to architecture. I ended up taking a non-traditional path to earn my Bachelor’s degree, and transferred to Ohio University from Akron to complete a Bachelor of Specialized Study. This allowed me to really create the degree that worked for me at the time, and it got me to the career I wanted.”

Describe your typical work day.
”Each day is unique! My mornings start with diving into my overflowing inbox. Meetings, site visits, and design reviews fill the remainder of my time, and before you know it, the work day is over. My favorite part of the day is when I get to connect with clients on site visits, and see their excitement as their space comes to life. I also enjoy mentoring the young designers in our office and understanding their perspective on design. In this career, I’m always learning something new.”

Why do you think design is important?
”Design is becoming more and more important, in my opinion. I think there is currently a shift in society where the general public is noticing the value of design, and understanding the relationship between the built environment and the individual experience. WSA aims to not only influence the individual experience with design, but also change organizations as a whole.”

Who do you look up to?
”Everybody. I think everyone at WSA has something valuable to share, from our summer interns to our Principals. Each person offers a different point of view that helps find solutions to challenges and brings something new to the table.”

What is your favorite WSA-related memory?
”The Christmas Party is always fun, because WSA takes things up a notch by writing poems for our Secret Santa recipient. The level of creativity put into each gift and poem makes for a hilarious evening. It's also fun getting together with all of our families and significant others.”