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The insurance industry is characterized, at a bare minimum, as dependable. Encova is challenging that attitude by infusing innovation to its Columbus HQ as part of their 2021 Vision. Encova’s 2021 Vision created a strategic pathway for organizational change. The Vision will allow Encova to maintain market dominance by enabling future differentiation. To support this initiative, WSA conceptualized The Intersection, a two-story innovation center, which invited associates to feel a sense of belonging throughout; not just a desk, department, or floor. Everywhere.


As part of the 2021 Vision, Encova wanted to create a space that aligned their organizational goals while improving communication within their departments, fostering a team environment, and diversifying both the user and the user experience.


The master planning process uncovered strategies to align Encova’s physical environment with their 2021 Vision. A series of options for the redevelopment of the campus proved the scheme most respectful to the Encova legacy was the scheme that connected the community, the employees, and policyholders. The Intersection established a design standard for the future and features seven distinct work settings for the varying user experience. It was designed so that IT and underwriting associates work in the same open space to encourage integration of the disciplines to improve the customer experience.


Through the occupancy of The Intersection, Encova has been able to improve on its existing program and expand to new, groundbreaking ventures. 2017 also saw the launch of Encova's commercial lines company nested within the existing organization that calls The Intersection home. This venture has helped differentiate Encova with its unique products and state-of-the-art technologies that make standard insurance processes simpler and more streamlined.

In 2017, Encova was the only insurance company to be included in the list of Top Workplaces in Central Ohio by Columbus CEO. Encova was also a recipient of the ITA Bridge Award, the latter being a reflection of Encova’s dedication to ensuring communication between those who work in IT and those on the business side of the organization.

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