A uniquely cross-disciplinary team of strategists, researchers, architects, graphic and environmental designers not often found at more traditional firms, with one thing in common: an obsession with designing environments and experiences that engage employees. It’s all we do and we love it.

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Our Values

We believe the design process is changing. The concept of a rigid, “do it this way” design partner is being replaced by collaborative, multi-disciplinary teams that actively listen and learn. We are in this together. You know your business better than anyone; we’ll work with you to create a solution you truly believe in.



We hire and collaborate with bold, confident, and diverse personalities to challenge existing structures, to encourage new ideas, and to invite a positive organizational climate.



We are a team dedicated to and supportive of one another and our clients.



We believe that diverse, inclusive design has the potential to bring life to culture, values, and community.

Our Studio

The perfect balance of culture and experience. We combine 50 years of leadership in our field with a unique perspective that brings energy, curiosity, and urgency to every project.

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Our Culture

It’s hard to sum up a company’s culture. But if we had to do it in two words, they might be provocative and humanistic. It’s a creative tension that’s perfect for what we do. We’re straight shooters and we love the dialogue that comes from it. We challenge assumptions while never forgetting the fundamentals of good design. And we’re endlessly curious.

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