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This beauty brand Research and Development Center houses a logistical wing of a major international beauty and apparel company. Pairing lab and office spaces with an experiential, new-wave café aligns design and business goals, but the cherry on top is a connecting, communicating stair that literally takes it to the next level.


To conceptualize a new workplace to accommodate research efforts, including laboratory spaces where products are formulated and administrative offices where programs are managed.


Through stakeholder engagement, surveys, and assessment, our design team determined that the highest priority for the project was to design an environment where all groups could be located close to each other with few barriers and increased connectivity. And to relocate this integrated effort away from the corporate home office thanks to its unique needs of the research and laboratory processes.

The new workplace is situated in a remote location from the home office but uses the same “kit of parts” that the parent organization uses for their typical workplace. This allows the environment to feel like an extension of the home office, with the same quality and accommodations.

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The relocation of this business unit has advanced wellness within the organization by breaking down the larger business units into manageable, smaller neighborhoods where there is more focus, less stress and more job satisfaction.

In surveys, individual contributors have cited this workplace as a marked improvement over their previous configuration because they have a place of their own and they are able to focus, collaborate, and quickly implement innovative initiatives.

WSA is an extension of our facilities team. We love that about you guys!”


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