Reinvent What Your Building Can Be.

Pulse is at the heart of everything
we do and believe. It is a new, human-centered
practice for working, learning, and community spaces
that are more purposeful, effective, and informed.


Infusing Architecture with HR Goals and Objectives

With Pulse, we look past aesthetics alone. We combine understanding
how people work with brand messaging and physical spaces.
The outcome? A deeper understanding and more robust criteria that fit an
organizations's culture and goals.

WHAT IS Pulse?

In short, Pulse is research.
It's our way of uncover what makes our clients unique, and integrates their organizational behaviors, strategy, and branding into physical space.

Pulse is a process, and a set of tools, knowledge and skill that generate data. That can be numbers, details, or raw information. That data is interpreted by our team of design strategists, and once put through their lens of expertise in the built environment, it is boiled down into key insights. These insights are unique, precise, and informed, and lead to design criteria that is more tailored, purposeful, and effective.

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Increased ROI, increased engagement/satisfaction, streamlined change, accuracy in the depiction of your culture.

How? Through quantitative and qualitative methods, Pulse builds data in four key areas:

Strategy: Information on the organizational or business goals and objectives. Defining who is part of the project ecosystem, and distilling insights that helps to drive project decision making.

Culture: Understanding the internal values, history, and social environment of an organization, and how these influence the way people interact.

Branding: Understanding the external values, mission, and purpose of an organization, and how the external voice of an organization supports or contrasts its internal culture.

Built Environment Analysis: Adding in the filter of the physical environment, from the objective details of a space to how people are currently using it.

The result? Robust design criteria to develop an environment that works.

State Auto Insurance Companies

Everything about the space, including the custom-designed entryway sculpture, is designed to remind employees and visitors alike that when they walk through the door, we want both the left and right sides of their brains engaged.”

Brent Stutz,
Senior Vice President,
Commercial Technologies,
Cardinal Health

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