Your Path to the Modern Workplace

talentArc is at the heart of everything
we do and believe. It is a new, human-centered
practice for how people work today — and tomorrow.


Infusing Architecture with HR Goals and Objectives

talentArc goes beyond aesthetics to integrate organizational behavior,
brand marketing, and environmental design. The result: work and
learning spaces that are more purposeful, effective, and, above all
else, informed. This is what talentArc is all about.

WHAT IS talentArc?

The short answer: human resource infused architecture. All studies show that human capital is both the biggest business expense and the most important and powerful attribute to success.

WSA's response to that: Disruption. The premise of talentArc is to utilize elements of human resources and organizational behavior to study employees. We want to know the way they work, how they interact in groups, how they manage conflict, how they navigate hierarchy, etc. The days of form over function are over. It's time for space to reflect culture. What if you had a space that already took this research into account?

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Did you know that 1/4 Americans dread going to work? According to a 2019 study done by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), only 38% of Americans in the workforce are satisfied with their job.


Increased ROI, increased employee engagement/satisfaction, streamlined change, accuracy in the depiction of your culture.

How? talentArc is built around three actions.

Employee Patterns: We'll observe how talent prefers to use space and assess existing conditions.

Employee Queries: We'll seek information from talent to match needs with spacial requirements.

Brand Translation: We'll conceptualize brand parameters and their impact on the designed environment.

The result? An environment that works.

State Auto Insurance Companies

Everything about the space, including the custom-designed entryway sculpture, is designed to remind employees and visitors alike that when they walk through the door, we want both the left and right sides of their brains engaged.”

Brent Stutz,
Senior Vice President,
Commercial Technologies,
Cardinal Health

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