IIDA Product Runway 2016

May 26, 2016 • aaitken

This industry staple event lets designers get creative (and competitive) as they craft costumes out of architectural materials.

A Harry Potter nerd, a poetry nerd, and a costuming nerd walk into a bar… just kidding. They walked into a basement to work their fingers to the bone for Product Runway, a really cool event where a designer teams up with a product vendor and makes a runway ready outfit made out of the vendor’s materials. It benefits Dress for Success and it’s just a fun thing we get to be a part of. And we were reigning champs going into this event. Our cowboy costume won a few years ago, so no pressure.

We teamed up with DIRTT Wall Systems and added three to four people to our team. (Shout out to Megan, Steven, Karen, and Kelly.) So, for a few months, the seven or so of us crammed in Geoff’s house dispersed all tasks related to building an award winning costume out of materials used to build walls. Needless to say, without showing any favoritism, it was fit for an introverted poetry nerd to strut awkwardly, like Bambi, down a runway and act like a brat for an evening. We may not have kept our winning title, but we had such a great time doing it. It’s so energizing to be inside a venue when it’s filled with highly talented designers and creative individuals. Collective energy is inspiring.

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