Todd’s Principal Party

October 12, 2016 • aaitken

Cheers to our new Principal, Todd Boyer, AIA!

2016 was a big year for WSA Studio. We finished some big projects, acquired some new ones, and made some really important studio leadership decisions. One of those decisions includes that time we decided to shackle, drug, and position Todd Boyer’s hand in the right position to sign on the dotted line and take some ownership of this place. (Just kidding. He mostly did it willingly.)

Because we love Todd (and because his wife does too), we ordered him some new business cards, put them inside a box inside another box inside another box so he’d immediately be annoyed when opening them, got some cocktails ready for a Tim Hawk original toast, organized a table of cookies with his face slapped on the top of them, and, of course, Geoff made a poster with Todd’s face Photoshopped in place of the principal’s from The Breakfast Club. We had a happy hour at 3:30 pm and reflected on the best Todd stories over the years. He was the first to leave because he said had to pick up his kids, but we like to think he had to leave before he got choked up from being so overwhelmed at the outpour of respect and support from his team. And, have you ever eaten a cookie with your own face on it? It must be a weird feeling. It should be mentioned that this party also doubled as his 40th birthday party. We were all like “Happy Birthday, Todd. Can’t wait to complain to you about our benefits package.” (Just kidding. We have a pretty solid bundle of benefits… including 3:30 pm happy hours.)

All jokes aside, Todd is revered and between his pragmatic nature/eagerness and Tim’s vision, we’re in good hands. Lucky us.

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