4th Annual Chili Cook-Off

February 10, 2017 • aaitken

Nothing beats the mid-winter blues like winning First Place Chili.

A few years ago, WSA Studio took a turn and made a major decision in terms of the firm dynamic. We decided to harness the individual competitive spirits in the firm and use them for good and not evil. We thought “What can we do to bring everyone together while simultaneously plucking out their weaknesses for everyone to poke fun?” The outcomes have far surpassed any expectations placed on the event and it’s something we look forward to each year.

As most everybody knows, we enjoy food. We enjoy it so much. It makes total sense for us to have a competition surrounding the idea that we enjoy food. And, in general, we are a group of competitive individuals. Chili is simple enough to glitz up and add variety. A chili cook-off was a no-brainer. Instead of trash talking in hypotheticals, we turned it into a reality. “If we had a chili cook-off, I’d win” turned into “Remember last year when I won the chili cook-off?” with an arrogant tone. Troy has won judges’ vote two years running and, as pride crushing as it is for the rest of us, he lets the trophy sit on his desk to collect snarky glances and dust… until next year. Watch your back, Troy.

Thank you to our judges: Jon Horn with Bright Focus Sales, Tamra Fuscaldo with Continental Office, and Erin Bender at Otterbein University. Because of you, we hung out with people outside of the office and that’s golden. We can always use a tune up on our social skills.

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