5th Annual Chili Cook-Off

March 9, 2018 • aaitken

Nothing beats the mid-winter blues like winning First Place Chili.

You guys, we’ve been so busy. We’ve been the kind of busy that made people forget to make chili. Some of us highly dedicated individuals rallied, though, and we received eight chili-ish submissions. Some were a little curious. The head juror, Kelly Greene from DIRTT Environmental Solutions, said they “weren’t warned” about the chili being “untraditional.” It should be noted that, at this point, we have three vegetarians in the office and a few empathetic people who wanted to give those vegetarians more options to try. Of the eight chilis, five were meatless.

We give out two awards during this cookoff. One is the studio’s favorite and Scotty took this one home with hints of cinnamon. It was weird and tasty at the same time, so we all still have questions as to how it tasted so good. The second award is handed out by the judges. This year, we invited Kelly Greene from DIRTT (as mentioned), Jason Kingham from Motorists Insurance Group, and Bob Steele from Shaffer Construction. They decided, understandably, to go with the most traditional chili of the bunch: Tim Hawk, FAIA. Insert words of inspiration and affirmation here.

All this being said, we did have a nice few hours away from our desks, eating chili together, and talking about basketball. As the judges were leaving the studio, they were debating whether to meet up at Skyline Chili or Wendy’s for lunch.

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