6th Annual Chili Cook-Off

March 1, 2019 • aaitken

Nothing beats the mid-winter blues like winning First Place Chili.

The 2019 Chili Cook-Off brought in the highest number of contestants in WSA Studio history! With twelve delicious chilis to sample, the competition was fierce. Each round featured a unique flavor profile that was derived from the creative nature of our staff, including curry-spiced beef, umami mushrooms, cinnamon chipotle sauce, and, a fan favorite, craft beer-infused chili.

Our guest judges this year were Ben Biada of Catalyst Engineering and Kim Hart of Kimball. Their dedication to the craft and the thorough notes they took for each round proved to be insightful and entertaining. Kim is a notorious lover of all things spicy, but only half of the contenders met her standards for heat. Ben offered positive feedback for every chili… except for #7.

The most memorable moment of the afternoon was when Tim, our beloved President and the reigning 2018 Champion, handed the trophy over to Lauren.

A wise man once said, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” But, on this day, when we consumed mass amounts of exquisite chili with as much avocado topping as desired, we were all winners.

2019 Chili Cook-Off Champion: Lauren Miller

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