AIA Florida Convention

July 28, 2019 • aaitken

Sharing Our Culture as keynote speakers at the AIA Florida Convention.

Todd Boyer, AIA, Vice President of WSA Studio, and his wife Sara Boyer, AIA, Associate President of Moody Nolan, presented as keynote speakers for the 2019 AIA Florida Convention in Orlando. This year’s theme was called “Pursue Your Passion,” so Todd and Sara discussed a topic that they are both extremely passionate about: workplace culture.

Coming from the Midwest region, they brought a fresh perspective to AIA Florida members, relating their own experiences in a new context. The pair told their real stories of building a culture at both a small firm and a large firm, and how they have successfully engaged employees and created a workplace culture to be proud of.

Todd and Sara recommended practical strategies that they have used to develop and implement the values of their organization. Tips included finding support from local AIA chapters to access professional development resources, such as the AIA Columbus Archway Mentorship program that Todd participated in. He stressed the importance of mentoring young professionals in the workplace, and creating a culture that is actively engaged in learning, spending time in the community, and spending quality time together with colleagues. When employees feel supported by their organization, they are more likely to reach career goals and have an enduring tenure at their workplace.

WSA Studio is proud of the inclusive workplace culture that we work hard to maintain, and it was an honor to share our experiences with architects and designers around the country.

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