Columbus Zoo Visits the Studio

August 16, 2019 • aaitken

It's a real zoo in here.

We are passionate about our culture and spending quality time with our people. Today that means we brought our families together in the studio to visit with animals from the Columbus Zoo!

As part of their community outreach effort, the Zoo handlers brought in several animals, including Anchovy the penguin, a clouded leopard cub, a baby kangaroo, a sloth, and an armadillo. We learned about topics like habitats, animal behavior, and conservation while watching Anchovy waddle happily along. But we can all agree that the best part was getting to hold and pet these amazing creatures. How many people can say that they have held a baby kangaroo in their arms like a toddler? The answer is probably something like, “not that many.” We’re super grateful for that experience.

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