Priority Designs Helps Revitalize Whitehall

November 24, 2019 • admin

WSA worked with Priority Designs to transform an abandoned car dealership in Whitehall into a new office space, design studio, conference center, and fabrication studio. In 2013, owners Paul and Lois Kolada recognized the need for more space as their business continued to grow. The pair were excited by the opportunity to undergo a visionary renovation and invest in an upcoming neighborhood. The City of Whitehall has cited the renovation as a model for community improvement and the value of public/private partnerships.

“We couldn’t afford something this big or this spacious if it wasn’t in this area,” Paul said.

Since construction of this project, the City of Whitehall has secured 50 million dollars of proposed redevelopment. These plans mostly feature the revitalization of existing buildings rather than new construction. By embracing the architecture and context of the neighborhood, Whitehall is reclaiming the future of their city on their terms.

Read the article in the Columbus Dispatch.

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