Welcome to the New WSA

December 7, 2019 • aaitken

Remember that secret we had? We're finally ready to tell you.

Hey. Hi. Welcome. As you know now, you’re on our new website. Friends, we’re so sorry to have teased you for so long, but don’t you think it was worth it? Now snuggle in; we have a story to tell.


It all started last year when WSA teamed up with our friends at Venn Growth and we told them the things we’re good at, the things we could improve on, and the things we hope to become. From there, we partnered with FORT to create what we consider to be the most beautiful website, logo, and brand. Then we created a solidified firm direction, complete with a set of WSA core values and a mission that we are so, so proud of.

It’s important to say that this process has been a long time in the making and it’s a direct reflection of the support and encouragement we have received from our partnerships. We are so thankful and so excited to share this with all of you.

Now to the good stuff. We want to tell you everything.

First, we have formalized values and a mission that are acting as our guiding force moving forward. These core values are cultivated from many years of loyalty, both internally and from all of you.

  • Disruption. We hire and collaborate with bold, confident, and diverse personalities to challenge existing structures, to encourage new ideas, and to invite a positive organizational climate.
  • Accountability. We are a team dedicated to and supportive of one another and our clients.
  • Design. We believe that diverse, inclusive design has the potential to bring life to culture, values, and community.

Now, allow us to introduce our new mission statement:

WSA is committed to providing organizations with a thoughtful design that works by researching organizational behavior, providing leadership, and creating experience.

Second, we want to share with you a new service we’ve added to our team. We now offer environmental graphic design. We have found the element of storytelling is differentially important to both us and our clients, so we went and found the best environmental graphic designers out there and scooped them up.

Third, let’s talk about this logo for a second. It is bold and endearing and not easily forgettable. It reflects elevated energy and outcomes and that is exactly what we want to offer the organizations with which we work. It is exactly what we wanted. #grateful

Now, the website: it is the epitome of WSA. Approachable, interactive, provocative in all the right ways. Please take a look, stay awhile, read about our work, interact with the projects…. Just dig in there. Let us know what you think.

So, what can you expect from us now? More. Just more. We have big plans we’ll start to implement through 2020, leading up to our 50th anniversary. We have new product offerings we’re rolling out over the course of the year and, believe us, you’ll be the first to know about it, about all of it.

To sum all of this up, this journey has been cool. It’s as simple as that. To our current and future employees, buckle up. To our current and future clients and partners, we’ve got your back, always.

See you out there,

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