Columbus Home & Garden Show 2020

February 25, 2020 • aaitken

Columbus Home & Garden Show 2020

WSA partnered with the Columbus Dispatch and Columbus Zoo & Aquarium to design the feature home exhibit at the 2020 Spring Home and Garden Show, the largest Dispatch event of the year.


Inspired by classic Adirondack cabins, the design team created this A-frame lodge display with sustainable living in mind. The structure is made of reclaimed Ohio barn wood and metal roofing, courtesy of the Mount Vernon Barn Company. The live garden and “outdoor” pedestrian path, created in collaboration with Vaughanscapes, features bee and bat sanctuaries and other plant elements that support wildlife. A forest mural is painted on recycled billboard by local artist Lauren Mitro. We carefully selected these components of the design to support environmentally conscious initiatives.


WSA’s Carolyn Price designed educational signage and environmental graphics about Ohio’s native plants and animals. The interactive pathway is dotted with graphics, cardboard critters, and signs that invite guests to look, touch, read, and learn. The walk through the live garden (a welcome experience in February) finishes in the Adirondack lodge. Inside the structure, we partnered with Davis Rogers Interiors and Elm & Iron to create a cozy cabin dwelling. Carolyn’s signage continues into the space to reveal the origin of the structural materials and to tell the story behind the exhibit.

Our feature space also hosted meet & greets with celebrity guests Restored by the Fords, Nicole Curtis of Rehab Addict, and Jack Hanna.

Check out the time lapse video of the first few hours of construction below.

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