Why You Need Environmental Graphics

June 18, 2020 • aaitken

Branding your space for success.

Environmental graphics are important in shaping both the interior and exterior of a building. An organization’s facility serves as the physical experience of its brand. For example, every Apple store represents a consistent message and manifests a consistent experience across all locations for customers and employees.

A person’s surroundings have a measurable effect on the way they work, think, feel, and interact. WSA designs environments that influence positive changes for our partners, like increased productivity and employee satisfaction. As a physical representation of your organization, it is imperative that environmental graphics do the following:

Promote Community and Culture

CEOs report that attracting and retaining talent is a top business concern. Millennials report that meaningful work and a healthy interpersonal culture are top career priorities. One of the best tactics to draw in new employees and strengthen retention is to create a workplace culture filled with purpose. The workplace environment is the magnet that connects business owners and employees to a satisfying career and stable growth.

Bark represents its people and its values with a culture wall. The display is user-friendly so staff can update it regularly.

Immersing employees in the company mission brings individuals together to work towards a common objective. By stating a company’s mission statement and values directly on its walls, everyone is invited to participate in fulfilling them. The resulting pride and active participation in the workplace are attractive attributes to hiring candidates and yield greater retention rates. It makes it possible to hire people who will align with the brand and advocate for it.


Graphic installations at the RJE Columbus office reinforce the foundational beliefs that steer the organization and sets the expectation for all interactions: “Do what we say we will do.”

Create a Clear Brand Image

Good branding ensures there is no confusion about what a company believes in. A company’s image is derived from both the traditional graphic elements of its brand and its physical environment. These set an expectation for interactions with the company.

Employees and customers are attracted to organizations whose values align with their own. The environment should clearly express those values with imagery, words, and artful installations. A communal lobby provides opportunities to begin the brand experience in a captivating way, drawing in potential clients or hiring candidates. Environmental graphic installations can be positioned near exterior windows to reach the general public and spark curiosity in onlookers.

Brick House Blue takes advantage of public views, extending its brand experience to visitors at the Bridge Park development.

Express History

Employees want to see themselves as part of the company’s story. They want to know that they are making a noticeable, long-term impact. Honoring a company’s lineage and history creates a timeline that explains its present and inspires its future. It promotes the longevity and durability of an organization.

We worked with Bathworks to create a history wall in the lobby promoting its deep Columbus roots. The company is an established part of the community, with a long precedent for service and local rapport. These pillars of the Bathworks brand are made clear to store patrons and employees upon entering the space.

Educate and Inform

Environmental graphics are an impactful educational tool. Many people consider themselves to be visual learners. From museum displays to elementary schools to hospitals, environmental graphic design simplifies complex information and visualizes it in the physical world. In highly technical industries, providing bite-sized information in everyday language can help customers understand the services and benefits offered by a company.

Safelite adopts large-scale educational graphics and interactive displays in its Customer Experience Center to engage customers while walking them through the Safelite process. Custom digital panels invite users to learn about the full services offered.

Rendering created in collaboration with White Design Studio.

Influence the Experience of a Space

Environmental graphics enhance the experience of a space by aligning the mood with the purpose of each environment. A library’s quiet study room might utilize calm colors and minimal, lightweight materials to help users focus. A trendy bar may feature large branded slogans and quirky installations made of neon tube lighting to give users a more energetic and memorable experience. A corporate office might introduce natural elements with a live green wall to bring tranquility indoors. People enjoy spending time in a place when it supports the experience they want to have.

PENZONE Salon + Spa uses environmental graphics to create an empowering experience for its clients. Positive affirmations, created in collaboration with Green Street Design, communicate the company’s mission with clarity. Placing these environmental graphics in highly visible locations along the client’s path enhances client comfort as they navigate through the space. A sense of personal connection and empowerment attracts customers to the salon.


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