FLEX: Discovering the Strength Within Your Organization

October 9, 2020 • aaitken

Watch FLEX: Discovering the Strength Within Your Organization.

2020 has been… difficult. Challenging racial inequity, wildfires, murder hornets, and a global pandemic. These things will inevitably shift the way we exist at every level. We know this. So what does that mean for the workplace? WSA is starting that conversation.

We compiled our research into a webinar to explore the history of the corporate office and outline how and why to reexamine the way organizations approach the “office” with flexibility, versatility, and stamina. Let’s FLEX and discover your strength.



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WSA is a unique mix of strategists, researchers, new thinkers, breakthrough designers, and technical experts all focused on architectural solutions. We combine 50 years of leadership in our field with a unique perspective that brings energy, curiosity, and urgency to every project.


Timothy Hawk, FAIA

Tim has served as President of WSA since 2005. He is a nationally recognized architect with an emphasis on workplace evolution and the design of educational environments. In 2019, Tim’s work advocating for the American Institute of Architects culminated in his election to the AIA National Board of Directors. Tim is adept at master planning, visioning, and matching an organization’s brand to its physical environment to increase overall success, effectiveness, productivity, and innovation.


Lauren Miller, AIA
Design Manager

Lauren is a registered architect with experience creating spaces that align quality, thoughtful design with the human experience. Lauren is a passionate people person with a curiosity for solving design problems with a pairing of accessibility and distinction at the forefront.


Carolyn Price
Experience Design Manager

Carolyn Price began her career in museum exhibition design and has been creating a variety of environmental branding for fifteen years. Carolyn joined WSA as an Experience Design Manager who enriches the user experience through environmental graphics. She understands how a physical space can influence the emotional response of the people who occupy it. Carolyn translates an organization’s goals into a visual representation that reinforces group identity.


Lindsay Beaver, LEED GA
Design Specialist

Lindsay Beaver is an interior designer with a focus on design of significant workplace environments. With each project, she strives to leverage her knowledge in design research to help clients achieve their vision and drive performance. Lindsay believes that successful design is that which enhance the user experience and function.


Matthew Kisseberth, Assoc. AIA
Design Specialist

With a passion for design and a fascination for storytelling, Matt Kisseberth integrates his background in architecture to help elevate user experience. After spending time in the Pacific Northwest, he was eager to bring his experience with sustainable design, both at a building scale and urban scale, back to his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Matt believes that every project should respond to the supporting culture, enhance the interactive experience, and respect the surrounding environment.

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